Luca Leather Tote Bag


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Genuine cowhide and leather tote that is 13x15. Wild colors as they come. Small zipper inside and a button snap to keep tote closed. 

1.White and black cowhide with pink/green leather on front with yellow and turquoise tassels. Dark purple backing with pink yellow and tan leather with tan stitching. 

2.Leopard hide with pink, brown, and green leather stictched with yellow. Yellow, turquoise, and brown tassels. Marron leather on backside with yellow and blue leather and pink stitching. 

3. Silver hide with turquoise, brown and green leather and yellow stitching. Orange, green, and blue tassel. Blue leather on back with pink and turquoise stitching.

4.Leopard hide with orange, lime green with royal stitching. Red and yellow tassel. Royal backing with pink, green, and bright pink stitching.

5.Zebra hide with orange/brown, turquoise, pink leather with green stitching. Red and green tassel. Maroon backing with blue and pink leather with green stitching.

6.Cheetach hide with blue and pink leather with cream colored stitching. Green and tan tassel. Tan backing with blue and red leather and tan stitching.